New Year, New City


New Year, New City!

We are so excited to announce that Ginna Christensen Collaborative is going bi-coastal! Ginna has made the jump to expand the company and launch the New York office this month.

We had so much success in our first year that we’re bringing LA Design to the big apple and opening new doors.

A few of this year’s big events:

  • Snyder Diamond Holiday Party

  • Marc Phillips Karaoke Party

  • Marc Phillips Monday

  • Legaspi Courts Marine Street Housewarming  


We will be continuing with our current roster of amazing clients in the design industry like Marc Phillips, Snyder Diamond, and Black Crow Studios as well as signing on new clients based on the east coast.

This bi-coastal expansion is a strong position for both our new clients in New York as well as clients in LA that will benefit from the in-person connections made with editors and tastemakers on the east coast. Clients will also benefit from the continued network in Los Angeles that will be furthered by the team in the LA office. The media network in New York is thriving and Ginna will be able to solidify existing relationships to further our reach in print and digital publications.

Even though GCC is getting a new office, Ginna won’t be leaving LA for long with frequent visits back to the west coast!

We look forward to continuing to service and grow the LA market while building the New York office!

Ginna Christensen