End of the year note from Ginna


As we approach the close of GC Collaborative’s second year in business, I've found myself thinking a lot about the work I do and the impact it has on the people I work with.  

“In our work together, Ginna has helped me get clear on who we are as a brand.” - Shirry Dolgin, ASD Interiors

“Ginna has helped us see things that we could not see ourselves.” - Dana Joy Altman, Snyder Diamond

“Working with Ginna is like meeting with a spiritual guru but for your business.” - Sharon Lee, Krane Home

I mention all of these quotes because they are the kind of testimonials that light me up.  My work is not about flashy trends, getting a mention in a magazine, or designing the right logo.  It’s about getting to the center of who you are, of remembering why you started doing this work in the first place.  It’s about language and positioning and about owning your points of differentiation instead of hiding them, and this work is not for everyone.

So who is it for?  It is for people who want to feel a deeper connection to the work they do.  It is for people who feel like they have more to offer. It is for people who want to shine and stand out, in a giving way, in a way that is authentic to them.

Whether you are a designer, a big brand, or an employee, figuring out how to stand out, create from your core, and integrate who you are into the work you do, is the most important work we can be doing at this particular time.  Because now more than ever, it matters and it is more important to stand out than to be better.

Do you want to STAND OUT in 2019? Click the link below to find out how to work with me.

Ginna Christensen