10 Takeaways from Summit LA 2019

In November of 2018, I had the pleasure of attending Summit for the second time.  Here is my list of STAND OUT takeaways.


  1. If you want to change the other, change yourself.  Esther Perel

  2. Be clear about your goals.  Identify your problems. Ray Dalio

  3. The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.  Peter Diamandis

  4. Uncertainty is equal to freedom.  Rebecca Walker

  5. Packaging and merchandising is everything.  GaryVee

  6. No’s and failures are the foundation for every win.  Gary Vee

  7. If you believe in something, don’t ever give up. Michael Ovitz

  8. You can only lead by example.  Michael Ovitz

  9. The ego defined mind needs an enemy.  Eckhart Tolle

  10. Pain + Reflection = Improvement.  Ray Dalio

About Summit:

Through a series of invitation-only events, Summit fosters a global community of entrepreneurs, academics, athletes, artists, astronauts, authors, chefs, engineers, explorers, philanthropists, spiritual leaders, scientists and beyond.

Ginna Christensen