Legaspi Courts Design Furniture Collection

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Born from a vision for the Legaspi Courts Design Marine Street home, Edel Legaspi created the pieces that could not be found 

in stores. The range of custom furniture pieces was designed and crafted using readily accessible materials to minimize waste and created a unique one-of-a kind look to each design. The collection is modern, but also organic and although each piece is unique there is a unifying theme of natural solid wood that seamlessly ties into the aesthetic of the home. Working alongside leaders in production, she was able to simplify the look of each design while maintaining the structural integrity of the pieces creating a beautiful line of sustainable, modern furniture.

The collection is made in LA and can be custom ordered by contacting Legaspi Courts Design at 


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Legaspi Courts Design is comprised of founders Edel Legaspi and Christopher Courts.

In 2011, Christopher founded his namesake firm Christopher David Associates, offering custom residential design to a multitude of clients in Southern California. Edel Legaspi joined the firm soon after to develop the interior design arm of the firm’s multidisciplinary practice offering residential and commercial interiors.

As of recent, the company renamed as Legaspi Courts Design to showcase the diversity of the studio’s design capabilities. The studio is currently working on various projects in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood, and throughout Southern California. Recent projects they’ve completed have garnered accolades and press from Interior Design Magazine, Variety and several online publications.


The greatest compliment we can receive from one of our clients is:

“You’ve created a home that feels like it is truly ours.”

At LCD, it is our intention to dive into our client’s desires and needs. Our discovery phase includes an extensive interview process, image/mood boarding, and educational outings. From visits to a local museum to taking a drive around Los Angeles to be inspired, we work to discover the design elements that speak in the most authentic way to our client’s aesthetic inclination.


We believe a project should be as practical as it is beautiful, and that the function of a space is as important as its form. By combining our 20 plus years of experience, our love for unique custom design, and our understanding of the needs of modern clients, we are able to produce projects that feel as though they are a self-portrait of the client’s that inhabits them.  


We strive to work with clients 

who have an understanding and appreciation for the CREATIVE PROCESS. They are style driven yet practical, brave in the orientation and interested in engaging in a collaborative process based on the freedom to explore new ideas.


Email: info@legaspicourts.com



For press inquiries please contact Ginna Christensen at ginna@gccollaborative.com

Ginna Christensen