My Dream Big Box


Years ago, I used to have a dream drawer.  Anytime I was faced with a problem that I could not find a solution to, I would write down what I needed on a piece of paper, fold it up into a small square, write the date on the back of the paper and place it in my drawer, turning the solution over to the universe.  The idea to do this came to me from Anne Lamott. In her book, Help, Thanks, Wow, she followed a very similar practice, only her space for letting go of her prayers was with what she called a “God box.”  When I started this practice about 7 years ago, strange things started happening. My problems were solved and my dreams started coming true, but for some reason within a year I abandoned the practice.


I am not sure if it was the success of having my dreams come true that cause me to stop asking for help. Perhaps I felt like I no longer needed the drawer, but as I contemplated the approach of this New Year and the goals that I want to accomplish, I decided to reinstate the process.

On Dec 31, I started with thinking about what I want in three areas of my life:

1.) My relationships with my work

2.) My relationship with myself

3.) My relationships with those I love

I wrote my goals for each area, and placed them in a Dream Big Box that I am currently decorating to reflect the dreams that have been placed inside.

In addition to my goals for the New Year, I have started writing down wishes, dreams, help with solving problems that I do not currently see the answers to.  I place them in the box and have faith that the answers will come and the dreams will manifest. Why shouldn’t they, they did once before.

My Dreams for the New Year

  1. In my work, I want to listen more deeply to my intuition as it leads me to do deeper work, purposeful work, work that matters to me.  I want to feel deep rooted, knowing that I am doing the work that I was meant to do, that I am integrating myself into the work I do, and encouraging others to do the same.

  2. In my relationship with myself, I want to to feel a deep rooted confidence. I want to learn more about myself, so I can be more. I want more clarity; I want to be kind and gentle to the being that I am; and I want to love the way I look as I age.

  3. In the relationships with the ones I love, I want to surround myself with people that lift me up, that I can learn from, and who bring out the best in me.  I want to feel connected to them in a deeper way, and to feel even more love and support for one another. I also want to create a peaceful, harmonious home with my love where we can watch each other grow as individuals as we also grow together.  

What are your goals for the New Year? What would you put in your Dream Big Box?

Ginna Christensen