From the wild to the canvas


GC Collaborative is proud to announce a partnership between two of our favorite brands.

Visual Contrast is partnering with LC Studio Tutto to bring their immersive work from the wild to the canvas. This exclusive fine art exhibition is available through Visual Contrast and will explore themes of nature, connection and colour.


LC Studio Tutto is an art & design team led by Sofia Lacin and Hennessy Christophel.Whether on a 70,000 square foot stretch of Interstate-5 or on a canvas in the studio, they create moments of beauty to spark a connection between people and their environment. Handmade textures, rich colors, and brushstrokes bring movement and life to municipal water tanks, Silicon Valley HQs, or bleak city tunnels to name a few. To learn more about Sofia and Hennessy click here.



Our neighborhoods are alive with an eclectic mix of flora and fauna. Hummingbirds zoom through a sublime mix of desert and tropical plants, rogue coyotes pass through, and vines form lush curtains of green. Terrestrialis inspired by the warm LA sun and our prolific philodendrons and ubiquitous palm fronds.

Echo in the Hills.jpg

Echo in the Hills

Inspired by one of our countless evening walks through the hills of Echo Park, this painting celebrates the wild botanical glory and vibrant overgrowth of the Eastside. Abstract fragments of canvas are collaged over an intricate painting of dense foliage. Layered and lush, Echo in the Hills seeks to capture the welcoming feeling of being invited into a secret garden and going in barefoot.



Memory, dream, the story of an old photograph.… Midnight layers fragments of painting glazed over and sanded down toalmost erase moments, leaving just traces and clues. Midnight is the legendary party that happened years before you were born.


For more from Visual Contrast and LC Studio Tutto, connect with them via instagram:

@visual_contrast  @lcstudiotutto

Ginna Christensen