What does failure look like to you?


When I first start working with a client, I have them fill out a new client intake form.  On this form are a series of questions that help me gain insight into what challenges the client is facing and what they want to achieve.

Two of the most important questions on the form for me are:  

How do you define failure?


How do you define success?

This morning I found myself thinking about how I define failure.  Failure to me looks like not being able to make a difference in my life or the lives of others.  It means doing work without meaning, that has no impact and creates no connection. This is my biggest fear, that my work will not matter to others or myself.  For me to feel successful, my work has to be infused with meaning.

What does failure look like to you?  What is the one thing that if you do not achieve, it will make you feel like a failure?

Ginna Christensen