What I was born to do


“When you pay attention to what feeds your energy, you move in the direction of the life for which you were intended.”- Oprah Winfrey


Yes, I am in the middle of an Oprah obsession. Can you really blame me? As I move forward deeper and deeper into the work that feeds me with energy, I find her words becoming more and more meaningful. It is my belief, that if we are going to do our best work, if we are going to stand out and achieve what it is we were born to achieve, we MUST integrate who we are into the work we do. 

This morning I started to think about the work that feeds me with energy. At my core, there are two things that I care most about.

1. Creating community and connection by producing events and programming that bring people together for a memorable experience. Whether it is a helicopter tour over the lake region of Italy or a conversation that I have with a bullying expert for Women At Work, I want people to walk away feeling like they gained something from the experience, that they are connected to something bigger than themselves, and that they feel inspired.

2. Curiosity about myself and others - I am constantly diving deeper into who I am in an effort to reveal the most authentic me. I have been like this ever since I was a child, taking time to be alone, to walk in silence, to think. I now channel this self exploration by sharing the books I read and the thoughts I have about how to do our best work by writing about it here, and by interviewing those I admire and have something to learn from. Whether it be through the action of punching the keys on my laptop, interviewing a guest for Women at Work, or working with a client to help them uncover their points of differentiation in the marketplace, the action makes me feel fulfilled, fully alive, and like I am doing work that matters.

What matters most to you about the work you do in the world? 

What makes you feel fully alive?

Ginna Christensen