We're going social !!!


As a brand advisor, consultant, and business coach I understand the importance of social media both for me and my clients.  Which is why I could not be more excited to announce the launch of our social media division in partnership with Emily Raiber Media.

If you ask Emily Raiber’s clients, they will tell you, “This firm goes above and beyond to make its social media page a success!”

I was interested in creating this partnership because I understand the importance of using social media as part of a larger marketing and brand messaging strategy, but I am not personally an expert in this area.  We chose Emily Raiber Media as our strategic partner because we share the same values of authenticity and organic growth.

The formula that both GC Collaborative and Emily Raiber Media use is a simple one:

 We help our clients uncover their voice and create authentic and meaningful content that is unique to them.  Our two firms strongly believe that buying followers does not guarantee success or result in building the right audience.  

“We are interested in helping our clients grow a loyal following, increase engagement and ultimately build their brands,” says Raiber, an accomplished media professional with over a decade of experience producing TV programming and content in both news and entertainment.

With our newly-formed strategic partnership, GC Collaborative is now able to infuse its clients’ brand message into a social media strategy and offer a complete package of marketing and branding strategies and solutions. We believe that the more we can help our clients show up as who they are on their social media platforms, the more they will organically stand out from their competition. The result is greater brand awareness, increased engagement and the ability to attract the right clientele.  

For more information, please contact me at

Ginna@gccollaborative.com  or call 310-359-3687.

Ginna Christensen