Why am I offering this workshop?

I have been an interior designer for almost two decades. Born and raised in L.A. and with a degree from FIDM and a background in the performing arts, I opened my own studio in 2004. I got audited, I was arrested, I made mistakes, but nevertheless - or maybe because of those experiences - now my business is very successful. I want to share what I have learned along the way so you can avoid some of the pitfalls of running your own interior design business.

Many designers are aware that there is a lot they don’t know. This workshop will address topics you may never even have thought about. My goal is to teach you what you need to know to operate your business profitably and legally, so when you leave you will know how to avoid some of the mistakes I made.



What you will learn?

It takes more than excellent taste to become a successful interior designer. This two-hour, interactive workshop offers you an overview of some the important legal, ethical and financial aspects of the interior design industry. Here are the topics we will consider:

Invoicing and Sales Tax: Learn what is required by the State a California and what items on an invoice are taxable. We will discuss how to structure your fees, how to determine profitability, and when and how to collect from your clients.

Contracting and Labor: Did you know it is illegal for a designer to act as a contractor in the State of California? With an emphasis on the legal aspects of contracting, I will discuss the roles played by design professionals, contractors, owners and others, and how you can protect yourself.

Sales: The word alone can send shivers down the backs of designers. I will take the negative out of “sales” and show you how creative people can also be salespeople, and how focusing on sales can help your cash flow and profitability.

The Workshop will be followed by a Question and Answer session. Because this is an inaugural workshop, I welcome your feedback and will ask you to fill out a questionnaire.




Shirry Dolgin was born and raised in Los Angeles and was exposed to a world of travel and design from a very early age. She gained a strong work ethic from her dad who owned a general construction company. Shirry began her career after graduating Cum Laude from the prestigious Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising in downtown L.A.

Shirry has built a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable renovation interior designers to work with. Her style and design approach, product knowledge, and construction experience are the foundation of her success. She is eager to discuss the business aspect of design. She loves to share her experiences, both good and bad, to help inform and strengthen other designers, who often come to her for advice. She cherishes the notion that great interior design can have an impact on people’s lives and well-being.


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