This series of programming is for brands who believe in creating connection, who believe in the power of creating memorable moments, and who believe that through the act of giving they will receive more in return.

“Having a continuous and open conversation about our challenges will only elevate the industry and allows us to better educate our clients and consumers of our value. Looking forward to more conversations like these.”

-Edel Legaspi, Legaspi Courts Design

The biggest challenges that we are solving for our clients include:

1. How do we build greater brand awareness

2. How do we build meaningful loyal relationships with clients

3. How do we become relevant, attract the millennial designer, and address the issue of event fatigue

We believe we have come up with the answer.

Events have become a key component of most brands marketing strategies.  Whether it be an intimate 20 person dinner or a 400 person launch party, events have become the standard for attracting new clients and deepening relationships with existing ones.  The only problem is, the events all tend to look and feel the same.

At GC Collaborative, it is our mission to help brands STAND OUT.  Through our extensive experience in creating community building events, we have created a series of programming that allow brands to create meaningful connections, transform existing clients into advocates for their brands, and build a company culture centered around support and success.  

Click below to work with us on creating a customized programming schedule that speaks to your brand.  

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