with Gail Baral

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to focus on what you want to create in the next 12 months. This process empowers visionary thinking and helps people clarify what they truly want and what thoughts and actions they need to help them achieve it.

One session - 2.5 hours long

Participants: 20 MAX

Cost: $5,000

What does it mean to be visionary? When we say someone is a visionary, they focus on possibility and opportunity, and that allows them to see beyond what is obvious and currently in front of them. To become a visionary leader we must be able to articulate that possibility and opportunity in a way that helps others see the vision, and compels them to buy into it and participate in making it happen.

If you struggle to articulate a compelling and inspiring vision for your business, or sense that you are playing too small and could think much bigger, this workshop will get your visionary juices flowing and will give you the clarity you need to craft a clear and enticing vision that will be the foundation for all your business strategies.

Through immersive and exhilarating exercises, your facilitator, business strategist and certified coach Gail Baral, will guide you through a soul-searching process that will help you create and articulate a future vision of your business that will empower you as a leader so that you can share your vision story and capture the hearts and minds of your customers, clients, employees, and vendors.