Why am I offering this workshop?

I believe in the power of STANDING OUT by integrating who we are into the work we do.  I believe in celebrating our points of differentiation for they are our badges of honor.  I believe in developing the power of our voices so we can speak our passions and verbalize our deepest values. I believe that when we show up as ourselves in everything we do, we have the capacity to do our best work while creating value for ourselves and those we aim to serve. 

This is what developing a brand voice is all about, and I have seen the impact that a strong brand message can have on a business.  It’s what differentiates us from our competition, it serves as the foundation for everything that we do, and it helps attract the right clientele while also transforming them into advocates for our brands.



What you will learn?

Through a series of exercises during the course of the evening, we are going to work together to uncover: what drives your business, what are your company’s values, what matters most to you, and what is the unique message you have to share with the world.  



Who is it for?

This workshop is for those of you who are looking to stop attracting the wrong clients and start attracting the right ones. This workshop is for those of you who feel stuck in your business or career, and believe you are capable of so much more. This workshop is for those of you who find that your clients and potential clients are not clear about your offering of products and services. Most of all, this workshop is for those of you who want to stand for something, feel a sense of true fulfillment, and engage in work that matters most to you.


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