With over 20 years of experience working with brands in the realms of fashion, art and interior design, founder and lead creative, Ginna Christensen, advises her clients on marketing strategy, product development, strategic partnerships, brand positioning, public relations, business development, event ideation, brand activations, and industry networking.

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Ginna works in a collaborative way with her clients to identify their goals, uncover their differentiating points, and define strategies that allows them to STAND OUT.  It is her goal to give her client a new perspective, point out opportunities that they may not have recognized on their own, and create new and meaningful connections that result in greater brand awareness and more business.



At GC Collaborative, it is our mission to help brands STAND OUT.  Through our extensive experience in creating community building events, we have created a series of programming that allow brands to create meaningful connections, transform existing clients into advocates for their brands, and build a company culture centered around support and success.