Black Crow Studios launches the Rebel with a Cause campaign


Tracy Hiner, Founder and Creative Director of Black Crow Studios is not your typical wallpaper designer. No, Tracy Hiner is a woman who stands for something.  She is someone who often struggles with the impact she can make in the world, and for Tracy, making wallpaper did not feel like enough.  

In 2017, Hiner began working with the Caliber Foundation, a charity which funds gun buyback programs across the country.  By donating 20% of the sales of her Caliber Wallpaper Collection, she was able help get illegal guns off the street.

It was liberating to discover I could make murals and fine art in a way that had a real impact,”

says Hiner, and in 2019 she was pulled to do even more.  

The Rebel with a Cause Initiative Cause represents a new way for me to continue making art while also making a difference,” Hiner continues.  “By dedicating each of my wallpaper collections to a different charity, and donating 50% of my personal income from each sale to specific causes that are dear to my heart, I feel that I can not only make a difference to the charities that I support, but I hope also to be an example to our industry as a whole, to encourage others to take a stand for causes that matter to them.”

The Rebel with a Cause Campaign officially launches this May with the release of Black Crow Studios newest collection, Dystopian Opulence.  The wallpapers that make up this collection as well as a limited edition print will help raise money for two environmentally focused charities, Sea Legacy and The Natural Resources Defence Council.  

Throughout the remainder of the year, Black Crow Studios will be sending out announcements describing the marriage between their existing collections, an original limited edition print, and causes that : empower women, help the homeless, educate kids, aid immigrants, rescue animals, saves the planet and offers hope to the addicted.  

“I hope you will join me on this journey of giving back, making a difference, and creating not just a beautiful world but a world that we can also be proud of.

-Tracy Hiner, Black Crow Studios



Black Crow Studios is the creative vision of Tracy Hiner, an artist, innovator, and rebel to the core. Breaking rules and pushing boundaries, Black Crow Studios lets you join in on the rebellion, by working with each client to create a completely unique and custom, art-driven design.

They create all their artwork in house, from mixing custom paint colors to match a particular color story or photographing flowers fresh from the flower mart. If you have an artistic idea you are trying to bring to life, they want to help you realize that idea.

All artwork is created by Black Crow Studios and the designers of their partner lines and is digitally printed at their design studio in Long Beach, CA.

Ginna Christensen